Make Your Own PaletasFrozen paleta treats are similar to popsicles but made with fresh fruit, spices and a multitude of other flavorful ingredients – let your imagination run wild! Our paleta molds are specifically designed to create the traditional shape and size of the icy paletas that were first made in Mexico a hundred years ago.

Paletas are traditional Latin American frozen dessert treats made with fresh fruit. The name is derived from the little wooden sticks used to hold the pops.

The first paleterias were established in the small town of Tocumbo, Michoacán in southwestern Mexico nearly a century ago. Paletas were originally handmade using local fruits and sweetened with sugarcane that was abundant and cultivated throughout the region. Paletas are so delicious and most refreshing!

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Purchase Paleta Molds OnlineWith a resurgence in popularity of artisanal cuisine handcrafted using locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, consumers around the world are discovering healthy food options lead to a healthier lifestyle. Fresh fruit and vegetable paletas are a great alternative for anyone wanting a healthy treat. offers the largest selection of stainless steel popsicle molds and plastic molds for making paletas in North America. We keep a fully stocked inventory of commercial ice pop paleta molds used in the production of large quantities of paletas and also stock small plastic paleta molds – like the Zoku frozen pop makers – that can used at home. We are based in the United States and are respected worldwide for our exceptional customer service before, during and after the sale.

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Paleta Molds are a convenient and efficient way to create homemade paletas. They allow you to customize the flavors, ingredients and even the presentation of your frozen treats. With one of our custom built paleta molds in your kitchen or popsicle shop, you can experiment with different combinations and enjoy refreshing and delicious paletas all year round.

Our custom built Paleta molds are available in various sizes and shapes, including traditional rectangular or cylindrical forms. Some popsicle molds may even feature fun designs, such as animals, fruits, or geometric patterns, adding an extra element of visual appeal to your paletas.

We also offer insight on how to start a gourmet paleta business with our commercial stainless steel popsicle molds. It’s actually very easy and requires little capital to start your own local paleteria business if you’re looking for a home based business opportunity that’s easy to start and can scale up quickly as you get bigger.

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